<strong>Austin Bergstrom International Airport</strong>
<strong>Food, Beverage &amp; Retail Concession Spaces</strong>

Austin souvenirs and apparel featuring Keep Austin Weird, SXSW Music Festival, Austin City Limits music program and other local cultural events are found in the 3rd outpost of this homegrown popular store. Fish Construction manufactured and installed the retail structure and fixtures in a variety of mixed materials in keeping with the hip and eccentric spirit of this brand. Fixtures range from oxidized treated metals, reclaimed woods, and veneers to create an edgy theme. The overhead pitched beams and backwalls were covered in Stikwood products, which gave the appearance of real wood in a more cost-effective solution. Huge artistic “AUS” graphic metal letters made of oxidized 16-gauge stainless steel stand in the middle of the store, which also serve to display branded goods.

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