American Airlines Rebranding Program

Fish Construction, Inc. (FCI) has been a preferred provider of millwork for American Airlines for more than 30 years, and is a key team member in several generations of ticket counter systems. American Airlines is currently implementing a significant new identity program to revitalize their brand and improve passenger experience. FCI has worked closely with American Airlines to develop a clean, modern look with sleek, slim-line ticketing and gate millwork, including check-in counters, gate counters and backscreens, activation stations, charging tables and boarding gate reader podiums.

The new millwork products consist of a fresh modern white and warm wood color and stainless steel trim. FCI conceived the new counters to accommodate the reduced profile and yet maintain full functionality. A unique feature developed by FCI is the ergonomic keyboard device that does not take up countertop space above, or interfere with necessary equipment housed below.